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How it Works

Often times that perfect ring you just purchased isn’t the right size. But I want it now! Don’t worry, after purchasing a ring at Charles Koll making it the right size is our number one priority. With four highly skilled goldsmiths on staff we can often get you fitted same day. Even if you didn’t purchase your ring from us we’d be happy to size your ring.

Making Your Ring Larger

When sizing a ring larger there are two methods we use stretching and bridging. Stretching is used for simple plain bands without gemstones. Adding a precious metal bridge is most commonly used for ring sizing. In this process we fabricate a bridge in the width and thickness to match the existing band long enough to adjust to the new size. Then using a combination of laser welding and traditional soldering we seamlessly bond the bridge to the ring. After years of experience our artisans have gained the experience and reputation of flawless execution. When you try your newly sized ring on for the first time you’ll notice that there isn’t a mark or seam indicating any work. It’s like you had it made in your size from the start. 

Making Your Ring Smaller

When sizing smaller there are also two methods used, compacting and shrinking. Compacting is very similar to stretching in that no soldering, welding or cutting is involved and is used mainly for simple plain bands. In shrinking, a piece of metal from the ring is sawed out then using the same soldering and laser process used in bridging a strong seamless bond in the shank is created. During resizing rings are polished, cleaned and all stones that are loosened during the sizing process are tightened. All white gold rings are rhodium plated giving then a fresh luster and new appearance.

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