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Expertly Designed & Crafted in House

Experience the pride of owning original, custom-made jewelry crafted by expert artisans who pay meticulous attention to detail and uphold unmatched quality standards.


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Whether it's designing around a heirloom stone or setting, or from scratch we have you covered!

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San Diego's Custom Design Leader

Truly Original

Anyone can get a Xerox copy of a piece of art, but privileged are the few who have the original.

Expertly Designed

Our expert artisans apply painstaking attention to detail and an unmatched commitment to quality with their work.

Made In-House

All the design and manufacturing work is done in house using state-of-the-art equipment.

Quick Turnaround

Making custom rings in house allows for freedom in staying within your budget and a quick turnaround time.

How it Works

Step 01

Discuss Your Vision

Your vision is what matters the most. Come in willing to develop a concept and we will work with you to interpret the design honestly and accurately. Some come in with a sketch on a cocktail napkin and some come in with magazine clips of jewelry they like. Either way we work with you to nurture your idea in a creative and fun environment.

Step 02

Cost Estimate

Time to iron out the details. Once we sit down and decide metal type, what stones to use, and the quality and cut of said stones, we can provide you with an accurate cost estimate in seconds. The most important part of jewelry is the jewels, so this is an opportunity to find exactly what appeals most to you.

Step 03


Now it’s time to make vision into reality. Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D modeling technology, our designers will build a 3D rendering of your piece. This way, you are able to see these renderings the same day you design your piece. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss important details, as seeing the rendering gives you a strong sense of what the final piece will look like.

Step 04

Approval & Manufacturing

Once we have decided on a final design, manufacturing can begin. Our 3D rendering becomes the blueprint for a 3D printed wax mold, which in turn is cast into the metal of your choice. Our master goldsmiths set stones, engrave, polish, and turn a rough outline into a beautiful piece of unique jewelry. It takes about X days to craft a custom designed ring.

Step 05

Pick Up & Celebrate

Now’s the time to celebrate! Come on in and experience your vision come to life. You now own in your possession a work of wearable art that will last generations. Every piece we create is backed by our pursuit of complete customer satisfaction. That’s the Charles Koll way.


Shelly S.

Integrity and Care

While they create some of the most unique and stunning pieces, what I appreciate most is who they are as people. The level of integrity and care Charles started the company with decades ago is still present today.

Ben R.

Everything Made In House

The best part is that everything is made in-house right there. I was able to watch my wife's wedding ring made every step of the way - from the design stage, to the mold, pour and polish. What a great memory I'll never forget!

Karen S.

Seamless Process

I worked with them on 2 custom pieces. The process was seamless in spite of the fact that I live across the country.  I’m thrilled with my jewelry.

Work With Our Designers

Made for You

Custom jewelry is not just part of what we do; it is foundational for Charles Koll. Whether you come in with a crude sketch or a magazine clipping, we will nurture your idea in a creative and fun environment.

Meet the Designers

Work With Our Designers

Made In-House

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Meet the Designers

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