Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane by Jaume Labro

 Mokume Gane rings are exquisite pieces of jewelry that epitomize the artistry and tradition of metalworking. Originating from 17th-century Japan, these rings feature a unique metal lamination technique that fuses several layers of contrasting metals to create organic, swirling patterns that mimic wood grain. Each ring is a testament to the craftsmanship of the artisan, with no two pieces ever being exactly alike.

Our collection of Mokume Gane rings offers a variety of metal combinations, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, skillfully combined to enhance the depth and beauty of the intricate designs. The resulting patterns are not only stunning but also symbolize the blending of different elements and the harmony within diversity.

Ideal for wedding bands, engagement rings, or special anniversary gifts, Mokume Gane rings appeal to those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and seek a piece of jewelry that tells a story. Embrace the elegance and uniqueness of our Mokume Gane rings, and let your jewelry be a conversation starter about the rich history and artistic technique that each ring carries.



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