Make It Personal With Engraving 

Once you’ve found that perfect piece of jewelry, how do you make it even more special? By adding a message through engraving ensures that your piece is as unique as your relationship with the person you’re giving it to. Engraving is a delicate process, our highly-skilled jewelers will give you the same excellent service engraving your jewelry as they did designing it. Here is what is involved in getting your jewelry engraved:  

Decide What You Want Engraved 

Special dates, names, short quotes and symbols or designs are common engraving choices which have deep personal meaning to both the giver and the recipient. Give careful thought to what you would like engraved and write or draw it out exactly as you want it. Our highly skilled and trained jewelers will then consult with you about the proposed engraving to determine the best way to approach the project and whether there needs to be any modifications to the design to create a good fit with your jewelry piece. To the best of our abilities and the space available, we will make your dream a reality.  

The Engraving Process 

Though the process is traditionally completed using a special tool called a graver, which cuts into the metal, modern jewelers often use a laser for the regularity and precision it offers the design. Once the design has been fully engraved, the jewelry piece is then cleaned using an appropriate technique for the gemstones in the piece. An inspection is then carried out to be sure that the engraving meets our quality standards. 

 Fine jewelry is always a fabulous gift and personalizing it by a special engraving helps show your feelings for the recipient. Consider what designs, quotations, dates and names will have special significance and call us for an appointment to make a unique piece for that special someone. We’re always happy to bring your dreams to life!







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