Have you had a precious and cherished necklace, bracelet or other chain break? We know how upsetting this can be, but the good news is that most chains can be repaired. Instead of replacing a broken chain, let us repair it for you. Here are more details on how we can repair your fine jewelry chains:

 Replace A Link Or (Add/Replace A Link)

 If you have lost, broken or need to increase the size of an existing chain we can do that by replicating links to match. Depending on the type of chain, the replacement link may need to be created out of specially shaped wire or be shaped in a specific fashion to match the remaining links in the chain. By using both hand fabrication and CAD/CAM methods we guarantee a beautifully matched link on every chain, bracelet or necklace. If the chain has been antiqued or had other processes done to change the surface appearance, we will need to replicate that process on that link so that it matches the rest of the chain. Often times refurbishing the entire chain is necessary and gives your chain a near new appearance.

Repair A Broken Link

It’s also entirely possible to repair a link that has been broken. This involves using a small amount of solder and a fine touch to heat the broken link just enough to melt the solder into place and without melting the surrounding links. Our experienced and well-trained jewelers have spent years doing repairs such as this that require a delicate touch. By using state of the art laser welders our artisans have perfected this process.

How To Prevent A Broken Chain

Don’t put too much weight on it; if you have a specific pendant you like to wear, talk to one of our jewelers about finding a suitable chain to wear it on that will bear the weight better. If you are engaged in activities where it may be snagged or pulled, tuck it under your clothing or take it off entirely to prevent any accidental breakage. The best way to keep your chain flawless is by not breaking it in the first place.







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