Imagine being able to turn an old piece of jewelry that you have not worn for years into a sparkling new piece – and not spend a ton of money to do it!

You do not have to imagine it; you can really do it by having it rhodium plated at Charles Koll Jewelers.

Rhodium Plating 

Rhodium dipping is another name for the technique usually known as rhodium plating. It is a process done by expert jewelry technicians, (and manufacturers) that coats one metal surface with a very small amount of another. When the technician dips jewelry into rhodium, an electric current bonds the rhodium to the piece of jewelry submerged into the rhodium solution.  

Advantages Of Rhodium Plating 

Manufacturers use rhodium plating of white gold jewelry to make white gold brighter with more rich sparkle. In addition, rhodium plating helps extend the life of your jewelry by adding a thin protective layer. 

 It easily turns a dull worn piece of jewelry into a piece of jewelry that is bright, shiny, and more appealing than it was before dipping. 

 People who have yellow gold jewelry often have these sentimental and often valuable pieces renewed by rhodium plating. Rhodium plating can be used on yellow gold but wears much quicker than white gold and is best used on pieces that aren’t worn everyday. 

 People with allergies to white gold or yellow gold enjoy their jewelry more after it has been rhodium dipped as it forms a hypoallergenic barrier between your skin and the jewelry.

Rhodium Is Not Permanent 

For daily wear, the best yellow gold pieces to rhodium plate are bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, as they do not wear as quickly as a ring. Rings in general tend to wear more quickly than other jewelry as rings tend to bang against all types of surfaces during the day. 

 If your jewelry is white gold and begins to look dull, it is time to bring it in for a dipping. It is easier to tell when yellow gold needs another plating as you will see the yellow gold surrounded by rhodium. 

 Rhodium is an inexpensive way to refresh your white gold jewelry and make them look amazing.







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