Restore the Sparkle

 Do you have jewelry you’re afraid to clean because it has fragile gemstones or designs? Maybe you’ve noticed lately that your ring just doesn’t have the same sparkle it once did. Whatever your reason, we offer professional jewelry cleaning services that will give your jewelry its original sparkle back without damaging it in the process. We use a range of different cleaning techniques depending on the type of jewelry and gemstones being cleaned:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaning techniques are fairly common and involve using water or a liquid solution and ultrasonic sound waves to create tiny bubbles that remove small particles of dirt and oil. When your jewelry is submerged in this liquid, the bubbles attack the dirt and oil on your jewelry, cleaning it in areas that would not otherwise be easily accessible. This cleaning technique is the most common way to clean fine jewelry, including precious metals and a variety of gemstones including diamonds and an assortment of naturally-colored gemstones, and takes only a few minutes at our store.

Other Cleaning Techniques

Ultrasonic cleaning isn’t for all jewelry, though. Delicate designs, pieces that have been antiqued and some porous or treated gemstones, including pearls, amber, opals, onyx, emeralds and colored topaz can be damaged in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine. Glued gemstones and loose stones can also come loose in this type of machine. There are a variety of techniques that can be used on these gemstones that jewelers learn about during their education and can help educate you on the care these special gemstones require to look their best.When you need to have your fine jewelry professionally cleaned, our jewelers have the skills and training needed to get the job done without causing damage to your beautiful and cherished pieces. We recommend you have your jewelry professionally cleaned on a regular basis to help maintain its natural beauty and sparkle.You can also come by our store for a free bottle of Charles Koll jewelry cleaner that has a cleaning solution and a fine brush that you can use at home to give your jewelry that extra sparkle before you wear it.







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